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How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost

How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost

The buzz surrounding Instagram influencer marketing is still on the rise with major brands looking to capitalize on the system to improve their sales and brands in general. but how much does Instagram influencer marketing cost, really?

Any brands both major and new already make use of the process but newcomers can tend to be a little confused as to the cost implications. For one there is actually no exact generalized price. Being an influencer isn’t done overnight and is actually involves a lot of dedication and hard work. That said, influencers generally would charge brands based on their creativity and talent in producing quality content that would, in turn, translate to sales. Influencer marketing pricing is dependent

What factors are at play in Influencer marketing pricing?

A number of factors play roles in how Instagram influencers price their businesses.

  1. their follower count.

one basic prerequisite for influencers being called such is their follower count. The number of followers they have which is usually in the high thousands correlates to the reach they can make for you and influencers charge for that accordingly.

  1. The number of posts.

Instagram influencers often charge according to the number of posts that the campaign would require them to post. Instagram influencers often charge per Instagram post from $75 to as high as $3,000. So it's best you have an insight as to what you are looking for, the duration you feel would be best before you actually embark on any Instagram marketing campaign.

  1. The niche involved.

the niche your campaign also falls in also plays a role in the price Instagram influencers would charge you. on the average, influencers who fall within the travel and entertainment category charge higher than those within the business and design category.

The above all play determinant factors you should keep in mind whenever the thought of How much do Instagram influencers charge.

It is fair to say you would most likely see influencers who could offer less than the average price but you really need to have a clear thought of your stand as a business or organization. how much do Instagram influencers really cost shouldn’t really be the question here but instead how much are you ready to invest in getting your brand out there to a ready pool of customers would be the better appropriate question here.

What should be of paramount interest to you should be the conversion rates in the sense of sales increase, loyal buyers and much-needed exposure as well which your business desperately needs.

Instagram overtime has incorporated a new form of uploading content, which is called the Instagram stories. So how much do people charge for Instagram stories? influencers charge mostly according to the same structure of content duration, the number of posts, niche, and type of content in question. Instagram stories can be made in videos or picture formats and Instagram influencers charges vary for each.

Are you interested in getting a full insight on price and structure? why not schedule a 30-minute walkthrough session with our experts.

How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Cost

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